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I’m on the adventure of living life as a Catholic.

And what an adventure it is! But as with any adventure it has highs and lows; defeats and glories. My blog and articles are intended to be a sort of manual for other “Catholic adventurers” (you) to help them along their way. I have a lot of experience and knowledge. So I write to share my knowledge, my experience, my difficulties, and practical advice for growing in holiness. My blogs and articles combine theology, philosophy, history and practical personal experience.

My “mission” here isn’t just to help make you better “Catholic adventurers”. The real goal is to help God, the Church, and the Blessed Mother to make saints. The world needs saints. The Church needs saints. So  I do this for God, for the Church, and above all for the Blessed Virgin Mary, my Queen, my mother, who I love very much.

Where am I?

My Blog (Right here): Everything I generate winds up here. Long-form articles, short blogs posts, graphics, quotes from saints, videos, and my Twitter Files, which is a category of posts where I offer brief commentary on things I encounter on Twitter (it’s pretty fun!). My blog is the complete manual for Catholic adventurers!

What: Only long-form articles are published on my Substack site, about once a week. I also send a semi-regular newsletters spotlighting everything else I generate on my main blog (this site), so can decide whether you’d like to see what you’ve missed.

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In the future I plan to produce special content, like a podcast. That special content will only be available to subscribers on Substack. Subscribing free for now, but may not be free for new subscribers later.

What: Short posts, edifying comments, providing brief chunks of knowledge and information; memes, reels, graphics, and Truth-bombs in comments to others’ posts. I put a lot of knowledge up on Twitter.

Why: It’s about evangelization, and edifying others. Most people who might be evangelized won’t necessarily invest time to read an article. But they will read something brief, like a post on Twitter. So Twitter has become another arm of my evangelization work, and of my mission to help form saints. It has become a very important part of what I do.

I try to keep my posts interesting, never boring. I always aim to make every tweet/post something of value to others. I highly recommend you follow me there.

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