Why the Book 1984 Reads Like Modern Non-Fiction

The Communist dystopia of the book 1984 is like a prophesy that points to our current time, and the crisis of "Truth" that has turned people into puppets, and thinkers into thought-bots.

Rejection of God and Fatherhood (Part 2)

Rejecting Fatherhood Starts with Rejecting God as Our Father. Where Did That Start, How Did it Happen, and How is it Related to What We See Today?

Music: The Te Deum

Listen to this beautiful ancient hymn of the Church (English and Latin) and learn how you might incorporate it into your own spirituality and prayer life.

The Power and Importance of the Nicene Creed

Sugar, Spice, and everything “Nicene Creed.” The Nicene Creed, said during the mass on Sundays,...

Rejection of God and Fatherhood, Part 1

n this first part of this series of essays on the connection between rejecting God and rejecting fatherhood, we’ll look at the culture’s war on fatherhood and manhood in general. The next two parts will cover the rejection of God in Western history and how these two rejections connect.


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