Why the Book 1984 Reads Like Modern Non-Fiction

"Freedom" is the Freedom to Know and Speak the Truth

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People prefer darkness…pray for them

It’s as if Jesus were talking about our times today. People of the world today prefer darkness, and they reject the light of Christ because their deeds are evil. Rather than cast them off to the justice of God, pray for God’s mercy on them.

What’s Really behind Attacks on Churches?

Attacks against Catholic churches have been on the rise. Is it a sign of the time? And what does it signify?

The Oft-Forgotten Point of Advent

We often hear that Advent is about the Joy of Christmas or welcoming the light of Jesus into the world. But while those things are partially true, they don’t represent what Advent is ultimately about.   Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.”  It does not mean “light” or “joy.” So what is the “coming” that we’re supposed to be reflecting on? Quite simply—and perhaps surprisingly for some—Advent is about the preparation for Jesus’ second coming through the commemoration of his first coming at Christmas. In remembering that Jesus came to us at Christmas, we remember to prepare for his second coming, when he will judge the living and the dead. That’s why many of the Advent Mass readings are about judgment and end times. “Be watchful, praying always that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place and to stand before the Son of man.”  Luke 21:36 But wait, what about all this joy and cheer that we usually associate with Advent and Christmas? Where does that fit in? During this season, we focus on the coming of Jesus from three different perspectives: The physical nativity in Bethlehem, reception of Christ in our hearts, and ultimately (and perhaps most...

Jesus Rescues Us From Our Prisons

Sometimes Spiritual Struggle, or Life's trials and Stresses leave us feeling like we're in our own personal "realm of the dead". Holy Saturday shows us why we have to have hope in the "master of rescue missions.