Did Fr. James Martin inadvertently affirm Catholic Teaching on Gender?

It seems Fr. Martin found out that gender-bending saints and 'anti-trans policies at Catholic schools don't mix.

Why I prefer the Beautiful to the Ugly

The beauties of the Catholic faith experience are like the "threshold of the house of God". Why exactly is that threshold preferable to the ugly "dwellings of the wicked?"

Be Still and know that God is God

Covid. Inflation. War. It all seems like an endless raging storm. But our faith must overtake our fear. Here is the perfect Psalm to help get you there

Fire Forges Saints (The 3 chastisements)

Becoming saints is our calling, but it is not easy. Sometimes God sends us chastisements to speed us along. But they only work if we embrace them.

The Case for Religious Freedom [That the Bishops SHOULD be Making]

The Catholic churches in America are making faulty arguments in defense of our rights to attend mass. Here's what they should be saying, and why.


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