Catholic Pride [month]

Catholic pride is a real thing. It's expressed from deep within ourselves and is intimately attached to our Catholic identity. I'm taking a few minutes to talk about why I'm proud to be Catholic. Participate (chat or leave a comment) and let me know why YOU are proud to be Catholic.

Argument from Efficient Cause

Nothing can cause itself; everything has a cause. If we trace every effect/cause backwards, we eventually get to a "First Cause" that set it all in motion.

State of the Church #30

A recent essay by a prominent Jesuit on the troubling state of the order is like a snapshot of what ails the entire Church today. I'll touch on three major points.

Priest Blesses Same-Sex Union

Don't worry, it's 'not in any way a marriage, a wedding, or anything like that.' Yeah...Riiiight!


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