Priest Blesses Same-Sex Union

Don't worry, it's 'not in any way a marriage, a wedding, or anything like that.' Yeah...Riiiight!

Argument from Motion

Exploring the argument from motion, the first of Aquinas's five proofs for the existence of God.

Proof that God Exists?

Can we prove that God exists? In this prelude to a series on St. Thomas Aquinas' "Five Ways" (or five proofs of God's existence) I unpack what "proof: means, and the different kinds of evidence, specifically logical evidence and material evidence.

When Culture Lives or Dies – After-Show #27

What happens when the Catholics who keep traditions and culture alive begin to die, if they have not passed it onto others?

The Importance of Tradition

Why are traditions important, and how do they build identity, a culture, and a people? I also talk about what happens in the absence of traditions, and how a counter-culture grows like a cancer.


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