Civil Unions, Logical Disconnects

Analyzing the Pope's statements on civil unions and same-sex couples.  Also responding to Cardinal Dolan's message to "our Islamic brothers and sisters" and a reaction to a post on 𝕏 by Bishop Strickland regarding communion on the tongue.

Beware, The Two Churches

The Pulse news segment, Priest and moral theologian Fr. Peter Dugandzic on the moral implications of IVF, especially in the political sphere. Then we analyze the dichotomy of two churches—the True Church, and the False Church.

Lies and Falsehoods in Catholic News Media

In light of the fall of Church Militant, Highlighting four main tactics, risks and pitfalls of the "con game" run by some Independent Catholic media brands.

Change and Permanence – Ep.23

My reaction to a Fr. Ripperger video, and one from a "poor' Gen-Z girl. I then discuss the nature of change and permanence at it pertains to life and the Catholic faith.


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