Should We Pray in Latin? (Freeview)

Is it beneficial, pointless, or dangerous to pray in Latin? The answer to all three is "Yes!"

Hard Questions Honor Truth

Today, we delve into a topic that is often misunderstood and sometimes even controversial: the role of theologians or bishops asking uncomfortable questions about Catholic theology or teaching.

What is Faith? We see it, in perfection, in Blessed Virgin Mary

Discussing what faith truly is, and how it's demonstrated in this pivotal moment in scripture—the Annunciation

Unveiling the Sacred in Everyday Life

Do we see the extraordinary in the familiar? We often overlook the magnitude of events that we deem trivial, or ordinary. But these moments might actually be momentous, if you're paying attention to them.

Unraveling ‘Discrepancies” in the Gospel’s Resurrection Narratives

Are the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection believable? Here I address what might be an uncomfortable fact that the Resurrection narratives in the Gospels don't exactly line up.


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