Prelude to a Podcast

Truth Without Balance is a Lie – Prelude to a Podcast

Balance is the secret ingredient in Truth. Without it, you don’t have Truth, but a lie, manufactured to resemble the real Truth. Here's why that's important to know

“What is Truth?” – Prelude to a Podcast

People talk a lot about telling the truth. It’s all over the culture, and especially the Internet. Everyone in the Catholic world is talking a big game about “the truth, the truth, the truth” but I doubt most of them know the first thing about it

Prelude: Focus and Attention

Most people today suffer from a lack of focus, misplaced focus, or an overabundance of attention on the wrong things. This is a human phenomenon, not just a "Catholic" one. But it's particularly dangerous in the spiritual life, to faith, and to Catholic identity.


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