Atheists’ Logical Limits

Debating atheists bores me these days. I prefer to spend my energy helping others to be holy. But sometimes I like to have a little fun.

Debating atheists bores me after decades of having done it. These days I prefer to spend my energy helping others to be holy. But sometimes I like to have a little fun.

Modern atheism continues to astound me in the limitations of its “faithful”. They aren’t all numbskulls, but they’re all wrong. So individual atheists will have unique formulas for the expression of their error, ranging from the highly intellectual to the highly stupid. Between those two poles you have the highly flawed, which I present to you now, in two parts

The “Jesus Never Existed” crowd

(full text of my reply is below)

The denial of the historicity of Jesus has grown in popularity over the past several years, even though historians (even atheist historians) don’t take any of the arguments seriously. And some of the arguments are just incredibly stupid. “There is no evidence. Just a book written by man” Most of what we know about ancient figures are from books written by man. “He was born in August [therefor he isn’t real]” is almost as ridiculous. This is how atheists try to dethrone the King of Kings by heckling all things related to Him (the Bible, the Church, Christians).

Full text of my response:

The basis of this question is fraudulent and illogical.
1) God can’t do anything that doesn’t make sense. In this reality, which proceeds from him, an immovable object can’t be moved. because it’s immovable.

2. In order to move an immovable object he would have to change reality. He can do that, but this reality is the one he desires

2b – you have the power to do things that are against your nature. You have the power to beat someone to death with a baseball bat. But that would be against your nature. You have the power to destroy your smart phone, but that would go against your hearts desire. To do either of those things you would have to be crazy. a God who is crazy is not a God who could create an ordered universe

3. the question “ can God create a rock that he cannot move” is literally a non-question. It is not a real question. And it is absolutely not the “gotcha” that atheists attempt to leverage against believers. If anything it exposes the limitations of atheist reasoning and grasp of logic. It’s a “gotcha!” Against YOU This was fun. Thank you.

Speaking of ridiculous arguments that never work out well for the atheists who present them, let’s get to the next one.

The “Non-Questions Show How Smart I am” Crowd

(full text of my response is below)

Full Response
Jesus was not born in August but you’re correct that he wasn’t born in December. But the church does not commemorate his birth in December to overrule a pagan holiday, but rather to provide a holiday on a season pagans are already familiar with, so that pagan converts to Christianity could still ave a celebration day that was already cultural for them (just celebrating something different). The date of Jesus birth is completely irrelevant. In fact, Christmas is arguably the most minor holiday in the Catholic year, especially in the early church. It was almost a non-holiday in the early church. The most significant holiday in the church year has always been Easter, not Christmas. So moving the date of the feast of the nativity (Christmas) by a few days, a few weeks, or several months was an insignificant move. It’s a feast day, not a birthday. Your claim “ there is no actual evidence” is undone by the fact that you are making an argument against evidence. There is more historical evidence, for Jesus, than there is for most other significant figures from the ancient world. Have a nice day.

Modern atheists exist in their own world where they pat each other on the back in congratulation for saying brilliant things. They love “gotcha!” questions like this one: Can God create a rock that he can’t move?”. I call this a non-question because it asks for a response to an impossibility. It’s logically self-conflicting, so it is not something existent in reality. “Can God bla-bla-blue-blue-blah?” is asking for a response to an impossibility, because “bla-bla-blue…” is not something that exists in reality.

What upsets me most is that there are people convinced by weak arguments like these. Pray for the world, and pray that the collective mind of humanity ceases and reverses its path to corrosion.

Ave Maria, Virgo Fidelis!

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