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Twitter Files #7 – Pro-Choice professor Who Vandalized pro-life display holds machete to NY Post Reporter’s Throat, threatening to “chop” him up

This is a serious crime! Shellyne Rodriguez was fired from her job as an Art professor at Hunter College in New York for vandalizing pro-life students’ information table (Read about it here) and then violently threatening a NY Post reporter with a machete (Read about that here). The NY Post sent a reporter and a photographer to her home to question her about the incident with the pro-life students. The crew was greeted by Professor Rodriguez brandishing a machete which she held to the reporter’s throat while saying, “Get the F–k away from my door!” 

This serious crime would put a conservative or Christian in jail. Threatening someone with a deadly weapon is serious business. Sidenote: Why does she have a machete in her apartment anyway??

Rodriguez is currently under investigation. Maybe she will be arrested in the end. Who knows. As stated, she has now been fired from her job as an Art Professor at the college.

What I observe in the videos of her is she seems very determined to cause harm. With aggression that I can only characterize as demonic (or Antifa-like…which is the same thing), the look of rage on her face and in her language is disturbing. It makes me wonder how much harm she has caused to persons or property that we don’t know about. This level of hostility and aggression in what used to be civilized society should concern all of us. Worse, she was a college professor!

One last point I want to make is that I believe people should feel safe, secure, and at peace where they live. I don’t like the trend of sending reporters and cameras to someone’s front door. It violates the peace of one’s home and robs them of the security and sense of safety that I feel everyone has a right to. Surprise at-home interviews like this one are especially disgusting if there is a family living in the home, as it not only robs the peace of the person being sought, but of everyone else in the household as well. Everyone has a reasonable right to peace in the place where they live, whether they’re conservatives, liberals, or anyone else in between. I obviously don’t condone what Rodriguez did here, and I hope she is arrested and convicted for it. But I think the NY Post was wrong to bother this woman at her apartment. A person’s home is their sanctuary. Leave them in peace.

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