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Argument from Motion

Exploring the argument from motion, the first of Aquinas's five proofs for the existence of God.

When Culture Lives or Dies – After-Show #27

What happens when the Catholics who keep traditions and culture alive begin to die, if they have not passed it onto others?

‘Locals’ Talent

Based off of some news about my new community on, I explain that, similar to how I produce my content for the listener/reader rather than for myself, we have to evangelize with "The Other" in mind. I then delve into why the Catholic faithful are a threat to the devil's ambitions, what the devil is doing about it, and what we should do about it. Rounding out the show I explain my ambition for making saints, and what that means, in real life terms, for ordinary Catholics.

Lies and Falsehoods in Catholic News Media

In light of the fall of Church Militant, Highlighting four main tactics, risks and pitfalls of the "con game" run by some Independent Catholic media brands.