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Lies and Falsehoods in Catholic News Media

In light of the fall of Church Militant, Highlighting four main tactics, risks and pitfalls of the "con game" run by some Independent Catholic media brands.


(Audio FreeView included) A follow up to “Beware This Catholic Snare”. The devil is using the Catholic faith to ensnare faithful Catholics, because "he doesn’t need to destroy an army to defeat it, he only needs to disable it” But why does he want to disable “the army” (Catholics)? What’s his end game?

Why the Book 1984 Reads Like Modern Non-Fiction

The Communist dystopia of the book 1984 is like a prophesy that points to our current time, and the crisis of "Truth" that has turned people into puppets, and thinkers into thought-bots.

Pray Like a Saint Part 2 – Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation on the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery, Our Lord's Crowning With Thorns