Catholic Karate!

Is your Karate Strong?

Is your Karate strong? Let’s go back to the 80s to discover what karate has to do with Catholic confidence. 

Welcome, my friends, to a delightful yet thought-provoking journey into segment that’s insightful as it is hilariously unconventional. I tried to combine combine humor with depth, past adventures with present challenges, professional wrestling with kung fu movies, and personal anecdotes with universal truths. Let’s get to it.

Lessons from the Karate Club

Imagine a group of kids in the ’80s, their eyes glued to the TV screen, watching karate movies with bated breath. That was part of my world in my childhood, a world where makeshift karate clubs sprouted in every neighborhood, including my own. In this segment from Episode 27 (“The Trouble with Tradition”), I share a hilarious but poignant story of how a simple childhood game teaches us important lesson about authenticity and integrity.

As I recount my rise to ‘club leader’ status through a fortuitous karate move, we’re reminded of the innocence of youth and the importance of staying true to ourselves. The real twist comes with the arrival of Adam Chang, a boy who truly knew karate, the Karate Club’s pretend skills, and potentially our reputation.

The story serves as a powerful metaphor for young Catholics and, indeed, for anyone struggling to maintain their faith and identity in the face of external pressures and challenges. 

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