The NY Daily News: Secular Liberal Propaganda that Opposes Life

This cover of the NY Daily News really got under my skin.

“They do royal weddings. We do school kids’ funerals.”

IMG_5594bReally? Where was the Daily News when a baby named Alfie Evans was basically sentenced to die by the British socialist healthcare system that liberals are in love with?  The UK not only does royal weddings, they also sentence defenseless toddlers to die.  But so do we. Except we execute these sentences against defenseless unborn children.

Here’s the reality of the situation. The royal wedding is not worthy of any attention whatsoever. It’s only the pop-culture addicts who care about that.  So the NY Daily News shows how petty and shallow the publication really is (as are the political philosophies to which the newspaper gives voice) to even hold up this event as a sort of standard of joy and civility.  It’d be like me saying “The Easter Bunny gives kids candy, while we give them ritalin.”  Yes, giving out ritalin like candy is a problem, but giving out actual candy is not the solution. Plus there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny (Sorry kids!), so this is a false premise and standard on all sorts of levels.

The royal wedding doesn’t show us the standard for civility and happiness in society. It shows us how empty and sad modern culture has really become, how fixated on make-believe it is, and how readily we ignore values in favor of novelty. And the champions of all these errors is the collective political left (i.e. their mouthpiece-in-print, the NY Daily News).

Now, having disqualified the standard, let’s analyze the abstraction. There are many ways to secure our schools and protect the children in those schools. But Liberals aren’t really interested in securing schools, they’re only interested in undoing the second amendment.  The congress can make schools safe rather easily by ordering basic safety measures to be put in place in school buildings. Maybe that should involve armed security. Maybe check-in posts or metal detectors.  There are many ways to secure our schools, but the democrats won’t do it.  Why? Because protecting schools and school children isn’t really part of their agenda. Dismantling the constitution is, and they only use school shootings as political platforms to advance that agenda.

What’s more, the tragedy of school shootings is the result of human brokenness. What exactly is breaking these human beings who choose to commit mass murder?  When guns were even easier to get we didn’t have all these school shootings. So what’s changed? People have.  And so it’s people that needs to be addressed.  Why is no one interested in dealing with that problem? Part of what leads to human brokenness is that teenagers and twenty-somethings today have grown up in a world that says human life in the womb has no inherent dignity and is not entitled to protection under the law.  That has a real effect on how we value human dignity and human life—our own lives and the lives of others.  If human life has no value in the womb, we perceive that it has no inherent value at all—or at the very least, a low value negotiable to zero—even outside of the womb.

We also force young people into boxes with social media and separate them from human contact, we tell them to obey their impulses rather than their reason by over-sexualizing them (and sex isn’t the only impulse they obey over a period of that conditioning), and enable promiscuous behavior.  We cheapen them with popular social cultural trends, we confuse them and detach them from a true sense of self through gender theory, and we have spent decades particularly cheapening and confusing and disempowering young men.  We have systematically created this problem, bit by bit, piece by piece, by turning from God, and then by removing God and holiness from their human experience.  This isn’t a problem of the second amendment, it’s a problem of the Liberal prime directive—to create a godless nation detached from tradition and truth, and to form human thought-bots to advance the causes of cultural Marxism.

If the left and the NY Daily News are really interested in protecting life, let’s see them act like it. Let’s see them address what the problem actually is, rather than what the problem isn’t.

The loss of human life is tragic. Whether in schools, or in the womb.  We need to act if we are to bring about change, and cultivate real civility charity in the world.  But right results require right actions, not propaganda and talking points.  Pray, be holy, go out into the world with the courage, conviction, gentleness and steadfastness of saints.  Bring goodness into the world, starting with your own homes and your communities.  Above all pray to the Holy Virgin to bring us all closer to Her divine Son.  In Jesus we find peace.  God bless you.

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