How to “Be Perfect”

Perfection is only a Reality in Heaven. So Why Does Jesus Tell us to “Be Perfect”?

Jesus Christ told us to “Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.” But how can we do that? Only he, and His mother were truly perfect. So why would he ask us to do something that’s impossible? He wouldn’t!

Perfection is impossible until we reach Heaven, because that’s the only place where it is a reality. In the temporal/human order, it’s only an idea. A goal. A standard. To be perfect on earth means that we are always on the path to our excellence—the perfection of heaven. It means we’re always trying, even if we sometimes fail.

Perfection is only in Heaven. So Don’t expect to find perfection in life, or in yourself. Don’t be discouraged when you fail, or when you wrestle with a particular imperfection that you have. Be patient with life’s imperfections, and with yours. But along with being patient, always work at making the imperfect perfect. That is how we achieve our excellence with God’s help, by His grace. A flower in bloom is always perfect, because it’s always unfolding toward its state of excellence. Every step of the way, from bud, to bloom, to full-blossom, is a stage of perfection. It only stops being perfect if it stops blooming prematurely. Do the work. Never stop trying. Buds become flowers. Humans become saints. It is our natural destiny. But we must choose it!

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