Holiness, not Drama, is the Goal

With the removal of Bishop Strickland from the helm in the diocese of Tyler,...

Beware This “Catholic Snare”

The Devil ensnares Faithful Catholics using a Big Trap that Many Aren't Seeing. What is its Nature, and Why is it so Uniquely Dangerous?

Bad Catholic, or Good Pagan?

Is it better to Live as a Bad Catholic, or a Good Pagan? The Answer is Rooted in "The End"

St. Augustine, on Maintaining Unity in Spite of Scancals

One of the most serious issues in the Church is a lack of unity. St. Augustine had a few things to say about that.

Beware the Signs of the Time

Signs are important. But Without Discernment and Prayer the Devil Gets us to Misread and Misinterpret them.


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