When the Going Gets Tough

When you know a storm is coming, you prepare for it. It might be bright and sunny today; it could be a beautiful day in every way. But when you know a storm will arrive tomorrow, you don’t let the current day’s lovely weather fool you. You prepare. When you have reliable foreknowledge of a coming storm, you act on it. When the going gets tough, the tough have to get tougher

You’ll encounter storms in the spiritual life, too, even if the “weather” today is lovely. These words by St. Boniface remind us to stand fast in what is right and to expect that living holy lives will often bring trial (a storm). 

“Let us stand fast in what is right, and prepare our souls for trial. Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid”

By living holy lives and choosing to do what is right, we declare war against the world, wage war against our flesh and fight against the devil. That’s war on three fronts! It’s as daunting as it sounds, but remember that you aren’t in it alone. God is with you! And Boniface also reminds us of that when he says,

“Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid…say to Him: ‘O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations.’ “

Enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather. But also remember to prepare for the storms of the spiritual life. Some tips on how to prepare for a spiritual storm.

  • Pray, while prayer is easy. It’s harder to pray during a storm, so take advantage of the beautiful weather of your interior state when you have it. 
  • Talk to God in plain language. Become ever more familiar with him as a person and as your father. That deeper familiarity will ground you during a storm.
  • Go to confession and receive communion more frequently if you’re able to. 
  • Have a positive attitude toward everything. Learn how to say, “It is what it is, ” believe it, and find the good in it. 
  • Love your life! Be aware of all God has given you, and enjoy it more. God has given you a life worth living and worth loving. Thank him for it, and actively, mindfully enjoy it. Enjoy your home, spouse, and children; go for a drive, just for the drive (not the destination). Go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the breeze. Learning to live and love your life mindfully goes a long way in helping to weather the storm.
  • Learn some short, simple prayers you can repeat and find solace in. ‘O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations” is one example. The Psalms will provide a hundred more. Build a library of short phrases that you can recite over and over again as a reminder of God’s goodness, mercy and love, and as a “refuge” for your mind and heart.

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