Truth Either Matters, or it Doesn’t. Decide, and Act Accordingly

In a recent post on 𝕏 Charlie Kirk was spinning a new narrative out of the facts, at warp speed. His proposed narrative, that Americans are being fired and replaced by illegal immigrants, is more infuriating than the truth, and it’s a reckless misrepresentation of the facts.

I’m going to highlight the facts and separate them from the drama of Kirk’s deceptive post, and then explain why the differences matter to us as Catholics, and as human beings.

Tyson is not “replacing” American workers. They’re laying off workers in Iowa (Yes, that’s bad), hiring illegal migrants from New York (still bad), and sending them to Tennessee to work (also bad). The facts are bad enough, and they tell their own story. That’s the story we should know, and respond or react to. But Kirk is telling his own story, using the facts as material, presumably to illicit a different character of response and reaction.

“Anything even slightly less than the Truth is a lie, no matter how closely it resembles the Truth”

-Yours’ Truly

The layoffs in Iowa and the hirings from New York are not related to each other, contrary to what Captain Kirk causes people to believe, with his playing fast and loose with the Truth in that post. If Truth matters, then it matters as it is, not as we’d like it to be. That is the foundational philosophy that underpins everything I do in my apostolate.

The point of this post is not politics. It’s to illustrate, with a real situation, what I have been putting forward in the past 3 or 4 episodes of The Catholic Experience. If people (Catholic or not) are not disciplined in discernment of Truth, the Antichrist will have a field day when he arrives, because he’ll be the most skilled liar and will deceive many…if they can’t discern Truth and distinguish it from lies. He’ll be able to seduce us with the most cleverly disguised lies being presented as the real Truth, and even many Catholics will be fooled. Discerning Truth is a discipline of grace, and of practice. If we aren’t doing it with Politics, we won’t know how to do it with Theology, morality, Church teaching, or anything else.

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