Give Jesus His Heart’s Desire

In Today’s GOspel Jesus asks the Samaritan woman for a mere drink of water. Here’s a hidden lesson for you to consider.

In today’s #Gospel we are taught something deeply mysterious about #Jesus and our relationship with him. For a God who seems to ask so much of us, He begins his interaction with the Samaritan woman by asking her for a simple drink of water. There’s nothing great about a glass of water. Sure, it’s life-giving, which is why Jesus uses this request to begin his “water of life” teaching. But there are more valuable things a simple person might give to God. It may seem a small, even pathetic thing to give #Jesus something so seemingly insignificant as a cup of water. He is Lord of Lords, King of Kings. He deserves so much more than a bit of water. Maybe we’d rather give him more valuable gifts like the Magi did on his birthday. Maybe we wish we could give him a crown of gold to replace the crown of thorns placed on his head in his passion. But a cup of water? It has more meaning than we realize.

Consider this. The heart of Jesus is eternal. Which means it’s eternally deep. If a cup of water is his heart’s desire, then it is the desire of an eternally deep heart. By giving him his heart’s desire, you give him the world. Even if it’s nothing more than a cup of water.

Let’s face it, sometimes a “cup of water” is all we have to give him. Sometimes it’s all we’re able to give to him because we don’t possess the better things we’d like to give to him. But if a cup of water is his heart’s desire, then that simple gift means everything to him.

YOU are Jesus’ heart’s desire. He desires your life and your love even in the form of small and simple acts—as small and as simple as a mere cup of water. What little bit you give him is as significant as the the greatest gift imaginable, because it is His heart’s desire. He wants you to be a saint. But he’s ok with you starting small. Just don’t stay small. He will turn that cup of water into an ocean if you give him the chance.

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