Gender and Personhood

Exploring the Truth of the Meaning and Reality of Gender, from the Perspective of Catholic Theology and Scripture

There’s a lot being said about “gender” in modern discourse. But very little of it is rooted in the truth. For Truth, you go to the Catholic Church! My special guest Fr. Peter Dugandzic, a priest and moral theologian.

Many people reduce gender to genitalia, or believe that gender is fluid and changeable. There is also the misconception that gender is “cookie cutter”. A special problem in the Church is that many young Catholics are particularly ignorant of Church teaching on gender and are surprised to learn that Church teaching is opposed to modern gender theory/ideas. 

This lack of knowledge and abundance of misunderstanding and misinformation has to change.Gender is much more than genitalia, sex, or behavioral patterns. It’s the power of our personhood! When ideas about gender are confused, the power of our personhood is disoriented or disabled. The current gender crisis is not new. It’s the fruit of a cultural gender-disorientation that has been ongoing over the past 75 years.

Learning to accept our body, to care for it and to respect its fullest meaning, is an essential element of any genuine human ecology,

Laudatory Si

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