We’re No Angels

No, I’m not talking about the 80’s film that starred Robert DeNiro and Sean...

The Fathers Were Not Protestants

This is basically a re-posting of something I wrote on X/Twitter. I won't spend...

All About Conscience

Addressing the Many Dangerous Misconceptions About Conscience, Authority of Conscience and Whether Conscience Trumps Church Teaching (A Preview)

Does God Cause Good Things to Happen?

God doesn’t do evil. But does he do Good things? Is he active in the Good things in our lives, or did he just set them in motion at the beginning of time, letting the chips fall where they may?

Is “Being Good” enough to Get Into Heaven Without Mass?

The statement, "I don't have to go to mass to be a good person", is self-deception, and a flawed claim that ignores the bigger eternal point.


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