The Choirs of Angels, According to Aquinas

Choirs of angels are not singing. So what are the angelic choirs? Let’s delve into that angelic hierarchy, according to St. Thomas Aquinas

Gender and Personhood

There's a lot being said about "gender" in modern discourse, on the news, and on social media. But very little of it is rooted in the truth. For Truth, you go to the Catholic Church! My special guest Fr. Peter Dugandzic, a priest and moral theologian for the Diocese of Rockville Center

What is Truth? Ask St. Augustine!

Augustine and Thomas Aquinas had different, but not conflicting, conceptions of Truth. Both of...

We’re No Angels

No, I’m not talking about the 80’s film that starred Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn (Which was actually a remake of the 1955 film by the same name, which starred Humphrey Bogart). The title of this blog post has a literal meaning.

The Fathers Were Not Protestants

This is basically a re-posting of something I wrote on X/Twitter. I won't spend...


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