Fiducia Supplicans is not a pastoral wild-card

Priest Blesses Same-Sex Union

Fiducia Supplicans is not a pastoral wild-card

Don’t worry, it’s ‘not in any way a marriage, a wedding, or anything like that.’ Riiiight! I dive into the hot-button topic of a Chicago priest who wrongly used Fiducia Supplicans to justify blessing a same-sex couple.

As I explore the implications of this controversy, I also take a moment to preface a series I plan to produce on the resurgence of the Church of the Arian heresy. Arianism isn’t making a comeback, but the culture and attitudes that lead to that civil war in the Church have made a big return. I offer some preliminary thoughts on that subject. 

In connection with the subject of the blessing of a same-sex union, I also talk about the importance of treating/correcting matters of Love (or matters of the heart) with tenderness and care, whether between gay people, straight people, and even if the love is wrongly ordered. Pretty good substance in this episode, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy and learn from.

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