Gender and Personhood: A Special Live-Streamed Event

There’s a lot being said about “gender” in modern discourse, on the news, and on social media. But very little of it is rooted in the truth.

For Truth, you go to the Catholic Church! My special guest will be Fr. Peter Dugandzic, a priest and moral theologian for the Diocese of Rockville Center.


Keep reading to learn what we’ll be talking about and how to get the show.

The Rundown for this important show

Many people reduce gender to genitalia, or believe that gender is fluid and changeable. There is also the misconception that gender is “cookie cutter”. A special problem in the Church is that many young Catholics are particularly ignorant of Church teaching on gender and are surprised to learn that Church teaching is opposed to modern gender theory/ideas. This lack of knowledge and abundance of misunderstanding and misinformation has to change. Gender is much more than genitalia, sex, or behavioral patterns. It’s the power of our personhood! When ideas about gender are confused, the power of our personhood is disoriented or disabled. The current gender crisis is not new. It’s the fruit of a cultural gender-disorientation that has been ongoing over the past 75 years.

During this live-streamed show we’ll discuss gender from a biblical and theological perspective, compare it to modern understanding of gender (which is very limited!) and apply what we know to current gender theory (“gender is fluid” or “gender can change”). Also we will talk about the importance of understanding the truth of one’s own gender.

Where to Listen

Be gentle as lambs, but cunning as serpents

Mathew 10:16

This show will not be streamed to social media. I want to avoid the circus that ensues over social media when topics like these are discussed. I also want to avoid the risk of being shadow-banned, or de-platformed from social networks, which could irreparably harm my online ministry. To catch this show live visit the live page right here on my website. It works on smartphones and tablets, too!

I may stream the first/opening segment to social media, but the main substance of this show will be streamed exclusively to the live page here on my website. If you want to catch this livestream, my website will be the only place to get it.

Live and Interactive

Call-ins, chat, and community—live-streamed shows are just different. During the live-stream we’ll be taking your calls, and you’ll also be able to interact with other listeners in the chat room (that also works on smartphones/tablets). We’ll also be able to respond or comment on what’s being said in the chat room. There will also be a post-show chat session.


I’m experimenting with Discord to help build my listener community. Discord provides private community interaction over text or voice chat as well as streaming video. In the future I plan to host live chat sessions centered around a topic or question, extended show segments and post-show gatherings, and extended live interviews. Discord is free, but you have to be invited to a person’s Discord server/channel. Here is an invitation to mine!