Rejection of God and Fatherhood, Part 1

There is a Connection Between Culture's Rejection of God, Rejection of Fatherhood, and Assault on Manhood. It's Deeper and More Diabolic Than you Realize.

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The NY Daily News: Secular Liberal Propaganda that Opposes Life

This cover of the NY Daily News really got under my skin. "They do royal weddings. We do school kids' funerals." Really? Where was the Daily News when a baby named Alfie Evans was basically sentenced to die by the British socialist healthcare system that liberals are in love with?  The UK not only does royal weddings, they also sentence defenseless toddlers to die.  But so do we. Except we execute these sentences against defenseless unborn children. Here's the reality of the situation. The royal wedding is not worthy of any attention whatsoever. It's only the pop-culture addicts who care about that.  So the NY Daily News shows how petty and shallow the publication really is (as are the political philosophies to which the newspaper gives voice) to even hold up this event as a sort of standard of joy and civility.  It'd be like me saying "The Easter Bunny gives kids candy, while we give them ritalin."  Yes, giving out ritalin like candy is a problem, but giving out actual candy is not the solution. Plus there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny (Sorry kids!), so this is a false premise and standard on all sorts of levels. The royal wedding...

YouTube Star Becomes Catholic

Have you ever heard of the YouTube channel LizziesAnswers?  Neither have I.  But she happens to be quite a celebrity on YouTube, and she just announced that she's becoming Catholic. The video (which I placed at the end of this post) was really inspiring and surprising to me. First because of the context of her announcement, but also, and most substantially, because of the content of her video. Let's start with the context Her YouTube channel is about relationship advice and life stories, but she talks about God sometimes, too.  She's got around 188,000 subscribers. That's serious!  So she's definitely a popular figure in YouTube terms, which makes this announcement pretty counter-cultural. Given her popularity on YouTube, and who I suspect composes her fan base there (modern younglings), it's shocking to me that her fans have not excoriated her over this news. I mean she's 22 years old and draws an understandably young crowd. That's exactly the demographic that believes the Catholic Church executed Galileo, engineered the Black Plague in our secret super-sciencey underground laboratories at the Vatican, killed a gazzilion Jewish Spaniards during the Spanish Inquisition, and made a secret pact with the Illuminati to play a co-supportive role in global...