Be Not Afraid to Choose Your Destiny

This is not what the Bible meant by "Fear of the Lord"

Addressing some fears that potential converts, reverts, and even practicing Catholics have along the journey to saying “Yes” to God and to religion. It’s packaged as a message to potential converts and reverts to the Catholic faith, but it’s also relevant to practicing Catholics.

The devil produces an illusion from the material of real things—things you love, weaknesses you have, and concerns you have. The illusion he produces is one of great fear; for example, fear of losing a lifestyle you may have to surrender, fear of surrendering particular friends or activities in your life, and fear of saying “Yes” to God and religion.

“If I say yes to God, I’ll have to give up XYZ, and the thought of it saddens me.”

“If I say yes to God/Religion, I’ll have to change everything about who I am, the life I live.

It’s all an illusion! 

To say “Yes” to God and the Catholic faith is nothing less than saying Yes to your destiny. It’s saying “Yes” to becoming the true “you.”

Also, what does the Keto diet have to do with Catholicism? Yep…that’s in this episode, too!

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