There’s No Crying in Catholicism

My reaction to “Catholic Cynicism” and Catholics’ frustrations with the state of the Church. This is not be for the faint of heart! There’s no crying in baseball—or in Catholicism. It’s time to get tough. 

Chapter Timestamps

(00:03) – Addressing Frustration in the Church
Catholic cynicism and negativity in the community discussed, with emphasis on the need for a resilient faith.

(08:43) – Frustrations in the Military and Church
Military life’s emotional challenges, Catholic Church frustrations, and the importance of unity and understanding in times of disagreement.

(23:18) – Challenges and Frustrations in Catholic Church
Frustration with recent church document on same-sex unions, administrative issues, attracting young men to seminary, and seeking guidance from our lady.

(29:17) – Navigating Disillusionment in the Church
Disillusionment with church hierarchy should not hinder personal growth in faith; focus on spiritual practices and devotion.

(44:14) – Catholic Adventurer’s Special Episode Farewell
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Below is my original “rant” on this matter, posted to X before the episode—original post, and full text beneath it. Also a related blog post, Save the Church. Start With Yourself at the bottom of this page

If you’re thinking of leaving the Church because you’re “frustrated” with things, I say this: 

-You overestimate the value of your frustrations. 

  • You overestimate the value of your frustrations
  • Nothing is stopping you from growing in holiness other than what you choose to focus on—the things that frustrate you. 
  • Nothing you see in the Church today is new. Nothing. We’ve seen it all before across 2000 years. Don’t take your perceptions too seriously. You’re not that important (neither are any of us) 
  • Some of the things you’re frustrated about are fires stoked by people who are playing the devil’s game in media (Catholic and secular). It’s where you get your information, and they also guide what information you look for. They lie, distort, magnify the insignificant, diminish significant in every story. Very few of them are balanced. You should be frustrated with them. 
  • God always wins. God always has the last laugh. Why should you worry? 
  • The Church is guided by the Holy Spirit, cared for by the Holy Virgin, and is the spouse of Jesus Christ. Can you care for the Church better than they do? Can you even come close? No? Then stop worrying. The Church is in good hands. 
  • I say this a lot, and I want to say it again here. Catholicism is not the Boy Scouts, it’s the military. Straighten up, and toughen up. “I’m frustrated!” is for boy/Girl Scouts. If the Scouts is what you’re after, there are 187 protestant denominations waiting for you.

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