The Pulse – “LGBTQ, TLM, RFK” Alphabet Soup

Covering some headlines and stories in Catholic news.

The Pulse is a supplemental podcast covering some headlines and stories in Catholic news.

In this episode:

See below for segment time codes and links to the articles talked about in this episode.

Two 12-year old vandals set fire in a church. But what becomes of them for their crime? My thoughts on RFK Jr. running for President as an Independant, having left the Democratic party. Some thoughts on Joe Biden’s re-election bid. Some anthropologists apparently believe gender is not binary, despite science. And Cardinal Tobin of Newark responds to questions about welcomeing LGBTQ+ Catholics in the Church, and whether Latin Mass-loving Catholics are "banished" from the Church.

Segment Time Codes:

2:08 – 12-year old Vandals set fire to a church
5:05 – On RFK Jr. 
            Sub-segment 5:51 – On Joe Biden’s re-election bid
12:42 — Subscribing matters
15:38 – Gender and Anthropologists
26:40 – Tobin on LGBTQ+ and Traditionalists
36:57 – Traditionalists

Links to Stories in this episode

12 year-old vandals

RJK Jr. Running as an Independant

Anthropologists and Gender

Tobin on LGBTQ+ and "TLM Mass" Catholics

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