As the Synod Wraps up, I take Some Time to Discuss what has come out of it

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Description - As the #SynodonSynodality on Synodality wraps up, I take some time to discuss what has come out of it. What I see most prominently, and what I most like, can be summed up in one word: Listening. I think you'll like it too, once I explain it. Nothing shocking or surprising came out of the Synod. So I also take some time to explain that "If we believe in Jesus, we shouldn't be worried about the Synod"

Finally I talk about what, if any, has been said and done regarding the hot-button topics that surrounded the #Synod. Links to articles covered here can be found in the 1st comment to this post.

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Articles Covered

Vatican releases Synod on Synodality report proposing larger role for laity in Church

Synod on Synodality 2023: Final report calls for greater ‘co-responsibility’ in Church

What does the Synod on Synodality document say about ‘controversial’ issues?


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