After Receiving Communion

Here Are Some Prayers You Might Consider After Returning to Your Pew After Receiving Holy Communion

Hard to Pray? Here’s Some Help!

Building a prayer life from nothing or rebuilding a prayer life that has crumbled can be difficult to do. These tips will help you!

Prayer is Power, but Only if You Wield It

A Primer on the Importance, and the Types of Prayer to Help You to Become the "Real Jedi" Knights

Strong, Ordered Faith

When the going gets tough, do we scatter like sheep without a shepherd? What do we learn about the true nature of our frail and sometimes feeble faith when we look at the Apostles' example in Mark 14?

Are you Judas, Peter, or John?

These three apostles have something in common, but they are distinctly different. Which one of them reflects who you really are? An honest examination of conscience may change your answer.


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