Liberal Writer Prefers Manifest Evil…Unsurprisingly

A writer, Rob Rousseau recently tweeted that he’d rather his daughter date a member of the MS-13 gang than a member of the Republican Party.

The strange thing is, Mr. Rousseau doesn’t actually have a daughter. My guess is that his statement was tongue-in-cheek, intended to make a point rather than state a truth. The point probably being how much he despises conservatives.

Giving him the benefit of doubt and assuming that was indeed the point of the tweet, I can’t help but see a truth flirting with us right there in the tweet.  Mr. Rousseau doesn’t have a daughter, and so his statement isn’t rooted in a reality. It is instead rooted in emotion.  Most statements by liberal Americans are not rooted in reality, but are grounded in emotion.  They’re angry at Trump, angry at Republicans, angry at the American voters for putting Trump in office. And their anger triggers thoughtless and stupid statements like the one Mr. Rousseau made.

There are other issues where their emotions overrule their minds. They have no scientific or logical basis for their political views on human life, when it begins, or when it should end, and yet they are loaded with political statements about abortion, and euthanasia.  They know nothing about Catholic theology or Islamic jurisprudence, and yet they defend Islam while damning Christians.  They invite Linda Sarsour to speak at their universities, but start riots when conservatives are invited to speak. For those who don’t know, Linda Sarsour is an Islamic fundamentalist, supports female genital mutilation, and favors Sharia law, which oppresses woman.  She has become, for many, but not all liberals, a darling of the left.  Why? Because liberal Americans think with their emotions, not with their heads. A muslim woman who won fame for liberals after speaking at the Women’s March (irony at its best) has more emotional value than do her actual beliefs have intellectual value. They are rooted in perception and feeling, not in reality and reason.  But wait, there’s more!

Liberal America believes a grandmother who employs gay people, provides services for all customers, including gay customers, should be sued out of existence because she draws the line at providing services for a gay wedding.  Mind you, liberals are supposed to be the champions of the working class, and yet their emotions overrule their reason yet again as they attempt to deny an old woman her livelihood, her employees their jobs, and her children and grandchildren their fair and meager inheritance.  Why? Because they’re all about defending the gay community…while also defending a religion (and a staunch adherent in Linda Sarsour) that calls for the execution of gay people.

Most political ideas and ideals held by modern American liberals are rooted in emotions, not in reason or reality.  It isn’t the American Liberalism of old.  While Mr. Rousseau’s tweet was probably intended at best to make a point, and at worst to get attention, what it’s actually done is given us all a clearer look into the inner workings of the liberal mind, if not the liberal heart.


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