What’s your catholic adventure?

What part of this adventure of living life as a Catholic stands out for you? Let us know. Here’s mine.

Living life as a Catholic Christian is an adventure. Like any adventure, it has its ups and downs, victories and defeats, trials and glories. It’s not always fun or grand, but it sometimes is. It’s not always fraught with tribulation, but it sometimes seems to be. This adventure is personal for every soul because God’s work in each of us is unique and personal.

So I thought it would be fun and edifying for others to ask you to share an aspect of your Catholic adventure. What stands out for you in your lived experience as a Catholic, and why? Respond in a comment below, or on TruthSocial with the hashtag #CatholicAdventure. It doesn’t have to be long or articulate. It can be simple, short, and honest. You’ll find mine below. It can be an experience, a practice, a devotion, a moment in your experience—anything that stands out in your adventure.

So comment below, or compose a “Truth” on TruthSocial where I originally put out this call for feedback. If you respond on TruthSocial make sure you use the hashtag #CatholicAdventure (and ideally mention me @CatholicAdventurER, so I know about it). You can also participate on Twitter; same hashtag #CatholicAdventure and mention me on Twitter @ForTheQueenBVM

Here’s a part of  my #CatholicAdenture

The sacrament of Confession. Confession is my reboot. In the confessional, I encounter the mercy of #God, and he picks me up and dusts me off to renew me for battle. In addition to the grace of the sacrament, I also get some valuable nugget of wisdom or advice from the confessor, every time, whoever he happens to be. For me, those valuable nuggets are a real sign that the Holy Spirit is at work, and God is truly “in the box” with me. 

Ave Maria, Virgo Fidelis!

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